What Do You Really Know About Bingo?

By Rachel Ohayon

It’s that feeling you get on Sunday morning – after a full packed relaxation weekend with friends and family, Sunday was always designated to recoup and fuel up for the week ahead. Heading to your grandparents was always on the schedule for Sunday afternoon and with that, of course came weekly BINGO! It was the thrilling feeling of getting your own 5 X 5 card with markers and wait for BINGO to be called that makes anyone excited to win.

BINGO goes back even further than your last memory of playing it in the old age homes. Americans have been taking credit for this iconic game when really it goes back to the year 1530 in Italy and the game was called, “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia” and was more of a lottery game. In the 18th century, the French added playing cards, tokens and calling out numbers. The game traveled all the way to Western Pennsylvania in the US where the official rules of BINGO were published and created in 1933. You can thank Edwin Lowe who started adding the benefit of winning money on different card sets and made it “The Game” in 1940 across the US.

Flash forward to the year 2017, and most individuals (under the age of 70) do not find themselves heading to the grandparents for a good old fashion game of BINGO. This is where Bingo apps come in- they took the excitement, thrill, and winnings that the iconic game of BINGO has to offer and transformed it to the palm of our hands.

Staying true to the history of BINGO’s origin, travel with Bingo Blitz around the world in different countries to get the full experience of playing BINGO on yoursmartphone.

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