Escape Into Your Own Reality

It seems like our life is full of movement; either commuting from our home to work, within our job, groceryshopping, cleaning, going out with friends, and then commuting back home at the end of a long work-day. 734.30 million Canadians have been subject to what it means to get on a crowded train after a stressful day of work. And yes, we are talking to you.

These commutes call for entertainment of course, and according to a census the average person spends almost five days of their life on social media on their smartphones- with status updates and scrolling through news feeds. Instead of escaping to a quieter and peaceful reality, we end up with a feeling of real boredom. What if I told you that your daily sometimes “stressful” commute could turn into an opportunity to escape within your own reality? Sounds too good to be true, I know. But the solution is none other than the creative effect of reading. So where are we going with this? How does reading solve your daily commute?

While physical fitness helps keep a sound body, reading helps keep a sound mind, a healthieroutlook on life, and keener comprehension. Studies show that reading to infants as young as six months several times a week have higher reading level comprehension as children, score higher on exams, and land much better jobs as adults than non-readers. Reading of course requires a sense of concentration- and a loud commute seems like not the optimal time to whip out a novel from your bag.

That is where audiobooks comes into play- it solves both the stressful daily commute and the creative expression for a sound mind that goes along with living your favorite novel. Unfortunately, not every commute is hands-free- driving on your own can make it difficult to read daily. Even a crowded train ride can make it difficult to focus on the words on a page. Audible allows listeners to tune in and escape into their favorite novel silencing the daily “hustle bustle”. Allow yourself to turn off the world around you to let your creative mind escape into any book’s plot.  

So what are you waiting for Download Audible from the appstore below, with a free 30 day trial, to select from the thousands of novels available and start escaping into your own reality now