No Way I’m Going Out

We all have that one story that starts off with “I went to this restaurant last night…” and then it always seems to go downhill from there right? Why bother go out to a restaurant if it’s doesn’t worth the effort? Either the restaurant was too crowded, the waiter was having a bad night, the traffic to get to the restaurant took longer than expected and poof! The perfect evening out turns out to be depended on other factors- not in your control.

The obvious solution is to order in instead- calling the local pizza restaurant- efficient enough! But what if we told you that there is a better solution? One that is faster, smarter, and least frustrating of them all. Why not ordering your meals with your smartphone!

Now, we can order from your favorite local restaurants on an app– with a range of over 40 cuisine types for any palate!

Be apart of the trend and order from your favorite restaurants without the hassle or even wait. Over 150 cities in India alone are getting involved in this trend and are breathing easier knowing that they do not have to call for a reservation or even wait for a table.
Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is. Download FoodPanda now on the iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

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