Build your Business: From the Ground, UP

Marketing a new product can be challenging; where do I start? What kind of images and brand buzz words work best for my product? Will my product sell? What audience would be best to target? These are some, if not most of the initial questions asked by any business when first introducing the idea for a new product.

Engaging customers in relevant content along with improving customer engagement levels are the ultimate goals to insure business growth. A strong brand awareness shows other consumers that a product has backing and is well worth to invest in. It all sounds easy on paper, but for a new business these “goals” can seem daunting and out of reach. Capture your new product’s unique selling points differentiating yourselves from the competitors by utilizing the perfect marketing mix- product, price, promotion and place.

This is where Fiverr comes in- giving you not only tools but the human resources with full portfolios and client feedback to build your business up with ease. It is your one stop shop for being ready to launch your new business. Here are some main services Fiverr provides for you to get started!

1. Logo Design (Product) – Your product’s identity is extremely important- having a strong logo can reflect both the quality of the product and what the product represents. Fiverr experts can build ideas together with you so that your logo will be what you dreamed of and more!

2. Branding Experts (Promotion)- Whether it is supporting your brand goals and mission statement, a brand identity is the bread and butter of a successful business. Creating an impactful multi-channel marketing strategy is key for building synergies and driving more sales and customer referrals to any business.

3. Financial Experts (Price)- Pricing a product can be challenging as well- as startups are not usually profitable until 1-2 years of opening their doors. Fiverr’s experts can help price your product in relation to all the other expenses keeping in mind industry rates and experience. Pricing a product too high at the get-go can result in discouragement to meet yearly goals.

4. Website building (Place)- To grow your business, grow internationally and locally, step one is an effective digital marketing space. Yes, we are talking about a website which is easy to navigate and easy to find. 81% of shopper’s research online before making big purchases- let’s insure that your customers use your website to conduct research and order your product!

Download Fiverr now on the App Store- access thousands of experts to help start up your business. What are you waiting for?


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