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“Do not listen with the intent to reply, but listen with the intent to understand”– Steven R. Covey.

We couldn’t have written it better than the renowned artist and keynote speaker, Covey himself. Listening does require an aptitude far beyond speaking; and it’s a skill that can be worked on and improved over time with practice. The ultimate practice besides normal interactions with friends, family, and co-workers is none other than audio-books.

Now, most are skeptical of this new phenomenon, but e-books are all the craze this year with access to thousands of novels at your fingertips. Besides working on a necessary life skill of listening- audio-books have even more benefits other than reading “Brother” by David Chariandy

1) Multi-tasking 

According to a recent study, only 2% of the population multitasks effectively. Increase that statistic by plugging in your earphones and listening to your favorite novel during your normal routine day. Day to day activities can be heightened when you can access an Audio-Book during cleaning your house or even cooking an awesome meal. 

2) Work out your mind

 25% of adults do not read a single book in a year. The reading that the rest of the population consists of are blogs, tweets, and other short articles (kind of like this one). These activities are great for staying up to date – but do not “work out” your mind like a novel does. Audio-books are there to satisfy your daily mind workout during your day- and hworkelp spark your creativity and imagination.

3) Memory Recall 

Reading increases both visual and auditory brain processes. Don’t have time to pick up a novel? Build your visual and auditory processes by listening to a novel and thereby heightening your sense of memory recall.

4) Attention Span

It is no wonder children being diagnosed with ADHD or any other form has increased dramatically from years ago. Being able to fully experience the sequence of a novel with details needed for character development can help you become more task oriented and task focused.

5) Walk a mile in their shoes

Reading allows us to work on our central sulcus of the brain responsible for motor activity. Even more so, with an audio-book we are able to imagine being put into the novel’s setting and walk in our favorite characters shoes.

6) Woah, Brain

 Most us find ourselves describing how a “novel changed our lives” Novels can change our brains- when we listen to a novel we increase the function of our left temporal cortex- associated with language and even status heighted for a few days following.

7) Empathy

 We all know that one friend that allows cries in movies, but how many friends do you know that cry in books? A study in 2013 showed that individuals listening to a novel (even for the first chapter) have showed signs of increased empathy even a week following the story. Novels make you a more empathetic human!!

8) Reading Comprehension

 Did you know that listening to a novel can even increase reading comprehension? That is right; by listening to a book your full attention is needed and therefore comprehending texts after listening to a series of audio-books becomes easier and even more clarified.

9) Commuting

Audio-books also satisfy an educational experience during one’s daily commute. Be that a train, car, plane, or even walking- experience your favorite book strengthening your brain processes making the daily commute that much better.

10) Analyze everything 

Ok, analyzing everything isn’t always a blessing, but audio-books allow for more critical analysis and understanding.

Download Audible CA on the App Store – Trust me, your brain will thank you.

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